Wednesday, July 1, 2009

History In Several Boxes

When I was young I remember going to my Aunt's house and being shown the large drawer in the bottom of the armoire and sliding my fingers across the delicate knitted and crocheted doilies, tablecloths and the colourful embroideries. This February my Aunt passed away and I arranged to have the linens shipped over to me in Pittsburgh, there was not enough time to go through all the work so you can imaging the surprise when I opened the boxes that arrived from Scotland. I carefully sorted the large linens, the handmade needlework and the articles of clothing into different boxes. Then came the detailed examination. When I was young I couldn't fathom the beauty that I was seeing now I look at the handwork with a different eye.

The delicate stitchwork, tiny needles and finest silk all told me the tale of a very gifted needleworker. I had never known my grandmother but as I unfolded each little treasurer I knew that she had to have wonderful patience and a gentleness. When I found the photographs of her I knew I had been right her eyes told her tale.

On Monday I laid just a few of the doilies on the floor so that I could see them and touch them. While the carpet I placed them on doesn't do them justice I would like to share a few photos with you. Some are knitted, some are crocheted and some have embroidery in the center and then are picked up and either knitted or crocheted around. I can't wait to see what I pull out of the box next Monday!

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