Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photographs of new yarn at Dyed In The Wool

We have a few photographs to share with you. The Aslan Trends boxes have been opened and we are almost ready to put the yarn on the shelves.
There is a wonderful sock yarn that not only rivals Koigu, it surpasses it on every level, including price. They also have a great yarn that is a worsted weight that will felt (or full if you prefer) like a dream. Sorry that the yarn is still in bags but you get the idea.

The Blue Heron boxes were incredible. There really are no words to describe the rich colors and soft textures. You have to see and touch them for yourselves.

JoJoLand is really special. The Melody for socks, etc. is going to be great for Fall with colors that look like they have come from apple trees. Greens into reds, browns into greens, purples into rusts. That's only the sock yarn - you should see the lace weight.
We are also really excited to tell you that we now accept Discover Card at Dyed In The Wool.

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